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Make Your Tooth Ache Vanish With These Magic Home Remedies

Sharp, throbbing pains and extremely painful toothaches can present themselves completely unannounced. Most of the time the cause for this alarming pain is some form of tooth decay caused by a medical condition, poor mouth and dental hygiene or a fractured or otherwise
damaged tooth, as most people will experience this pain at some point in their lives, it is handy be aware of some toothache remedies.

Cleaning your teeth and gums properly is obviously the key to prevent toothache pains. Home remedies for toothaches will help you stop the excruciating pain and can see you through till you are able to visit your dentist. Every person cleans their teeth, using a tooth brush, in a different way. Dentists recommend brushing the teeth with small circular motions, gently brushing the gums as well. Doing this twice a day will prevent toothaches, and can help relieve milder toothaches.

Causes of Toothaches

A faulty diet, high in sugar and refined foods, along with the consumption of fizzy drinks (usually high in sugar) is the greatest threat to our teeth. Mouth bacteria break sugars down into different types of acids. These acids will attack the enamel on your teeth, causing decay and erosion of the protective layer on the tooth. This is the reason why it can take a long time before you notice that your teeth are in danger. The enamel is broken down slowly, this process can literally take years, after which an excruciating pain will let you know that your tooth is deteriorating.

Easing toothache pain will be your first priority as soon as this pain hits you.
Unfortunately, but understandably, lots of people who suffer from toothaches start taking lots of painkillers to be able to ease the toothache pain.

Fortunately there are more ways than one to relief toothache pain, and most of these remedies happen to be simple home remedies. Curing toothaches is usually a task for your dentist, but a lot can be done to relieve yourself of the pain. Some recommendable toothache pain remedies that really work can be applied with items and substances that can generally be found in any kitchen.

How to Avoid Toothache?

Vitamin C, helps to maintain both bones and teeth, kills bacteria and prevents decay. Lime is known for its high vitamin C content and prevents teeth from decaying and gums from loosening around the teeth (caused by a high sugar level in the mouth). If you start adding lime juice to a glass of water every day, this can cure toothaches and help prevent them.

Reducing your intake of sugars, and snacking less in between meals, will help your teeth to stay strong. Gargling with lime juice if you have a very painful toothache is an excellent home remedy.

Of course, the best way to deal with a toothache is to avoid one. Toothache pain relief can be very successful but if treatment comes too late a tooth may be lost. Consult your dentist if you start experiencing pains and watch your diet. Armoured with these toothache remedies, you will be well equipped should you ever suffer from one.

Remedies for the aches of the Mouth

1.) Using vanilla extract works fine for a toothe ache,but if you have almond extract this works even better, vanilla extract has 35% alcohol verses 37% for the almond extract believe me the add'l 2% does make a difference.

2.) Clean a cavity out with a toothpick then pack it with some cotton soaked in clove oil.

3.) Whiskey works great however Wild Turkey works better (more alcohol)

4.) If you have a throbbing tooth ache, try this.
get a bowl of water big enough for your hand, and fill it half with water and 2 handfulls of ice. Place the hand from the opposite side of the body from where the tooth is located, into the ice water. In other words, if the tooth pain is on your left side place your right hand in the ice water. With the other hand, gently massage the V-shaped area between the thumb and index finger while the hand is under water. sounds strange. It works. I had an abscessed tooth that had to get a root canal. It happened over the weekend. When My hand hit the ice water the throbbing stopped instantly.


6.) Rinse your mouth out with hydrogen peroxide. This will kill the infection.

7.) This may sound a little far fetched but try reflexology, it worked for me when nothing else did. On your fingers and toes find the sensitive spots on your joints and massage the pain out. It takes awhile to get all of the sensitive spots out but it works!

8.) Cut a piece of fresh onion and place it on the side of your mouth where the tooth ache is coming from. It works almost immediately. And if you begin to feel a little pain again, just very slightly bite into the onion, just enough to let some juice escape. This works great for tooth aches that keep you awake at night or from doing work during the day.

9.) Keep the mouth and sore area well cleansed with saltwater.

10.) Ccrushed fresh garlic clove worked wonders .
'Allicin' is the substance that garlic releases when crushed, and seems to have some pretty good effect on pain. But be very careful, it does burn... and from what I hear, too much can be worse than the tooth ache in the long run. apply to effected tooth and slowly subsides.

11.) Putting anbesol on your aching toothe. It'll cut out some of the pain. I had to get some
I had to get some sleep so I took a shot of Nyquil to help me (figuring it had some pain killer and something to help me sleep). The pain went away within 2 minutes and I slept all night

12.) Place an ice pack on the cheek next to the sore spot for toothaches caused by infection.

13.) Take a teabag put it in water and put in microwave for less than a min. Put teabag on tooth. Doesn't taste good but it helps.

14.) Rub the palm of your hand with ice to relieve a tooth ache.

15.) Rinse the mouth with some alcohol, such as vodka, to kill any infection.

16.) Put about 8-10 aspirin in a bowl and crush them with a kitchen tool. Add about 6 ounces of filtered water, and a little salt because it was kind of bitter. Heat it in the microwave until it is very warm. Soak a cotton ball in the solution and placed the cotton ball in your mouth, in the dry socket. In about 5 minutes, You should be completely out of pain again!! Actually, the pain will go from about a 10 to about a 1 or 2. You'll stay pain free all day long by reheating the solution and applying a fresh cotton ball several more times- especially after eating and drinking. [I originally tried swishing the solution gently in my mouth, but that gave my whole mouth a terrible chalky feeling that lasted several hours. That's when I switched to applying it directly with a cotton ball.]

17.) Oregano oil diluted 10% one drop where it hurts or one on each tooth.Taste bad but works like a charm.

18.) I use peppermint oil (like you use for hard rock candy) on my toothache. It clears my sinusis to .

19.) Combine these two toothpastes: Crest whitening plus scope & Crest cavity protection. Brush teeth with combined toothpastes. Sensitivity for me was greatly diminished; I could drink water as hot and as cold as it would come out of my faucet without pain, while before I couldn't stand drinking anything that wasn't 98 +- 10 degrees F. It wears off after about 4 hours.

20.) Okay I had a terrible toothache and nothing worked. Orajel, Salt water, listerine etc. nothing. So i went into the bathroom and tried this: Take 2 rags heated one up pretty hot and the other one pretty cold, hold the hot one on your gum near the tooth, then swap to cold then to hot and keep repeating. I tried this and the pain wasn't completly gone but felt way better.

21.) get green onions and chop off the end of course and cut it just below where it leafs out and put it to your tooth that hurts. Bite down and suck out the juices. It hurts but it works

22.) Slice a raw onion and put the slice on the affected area of gum or on affected tooth.Who knew, what 8 Advil and a bottle of Orajel couldn't touch, 1 slice of onion fixed almost instantly!

23.) Boil 3-4 guava tree leaves in water and wait till it becomes luke warm. Make mouth full of this and wait for couple of seconds. Repeat this and this will relieve the tooth ache.

24.) PURE IBOUPRFIN take about 12-1500 miligrams be sure to eat some bread and drink milk because it is bad for your stomach . But I promise it will work althouth this is only tempoary about 2-3 days then your body will probly become imune if you still cant afford a dental visit try 2 tylnol and 2 advil at the same time people keep in mind these are desperate measures for desperate times and you should not make a habit of these doses!!


26.) For a bad tooth ache, warm up some water (not to hot, your going to rinse your mouth with it) add 1 teaspoon of salt (yes, table salt you want this to be salty) stir, swish the mixture around your mouth and teeth, gargle & with in seconds your pain will go away.

27.) Fill a bag or bottle with warm water and press against the sore area.

28.) ALL you need is a bath rag,sugar,rubber band, and some water.Get the rag and lay it open and put a heaping tablespoon of sugar in the center of it.Then put the rubber band around the rag to hold the sugar in place.After doing that Run some warm water over it (enough to get it wet or enough to dampen it) then place the rag in your mouth where the tooth is.May seem strange be it truly works.

29.)Take two Midol and two tylenol...pain was gone in a few minutes!! you can take midol too! It wont hurt you!

30.) Tiger Balm, that strong-smelling oriental ointment that comes in a red tin decorated with a tiger is really effective for instant relief of toothache. Just put some on a cotton ball and place it directly on the painful tooth or rub a little bit straight on the cavity, make sure not to swallow it.

31.) Activated charcoal helps to draw out the infection. You can buy activated charcoal at most any health food store. Take about a tablespoon and mix it in with a little water,mix to a paste consistency. Smear it on a small piece of gauze,and place it directly upon the hurting tooth and the pain will stop shortly.



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